image1Educentral Services is a Singapore based agency that provides quality matching needs for all education services. Our passionate staffs are always at your service to assist you in satisfying your needs to the best that we can. We have experienced and dedicated tutors, teachers and instructors to provide the best services to the students’ needs for all levels. Our educators are committed and reliable and have excellent track records of improving the grades and the well-being of our students. We always believe that learning is a Life-Long Process, regardless of age!

If you are a parent or student looking for a good-quality home education service, we would be the one which you are searching for. We will source and recommend you a suitable private home tutor or instructor who fulfil your needs and requirements.


Why Us?

  • We have experienced full-time tutors who have been teaching for years; current, ex-school and early childhood teachers; graduates and undergraduates; and part-time tutors who are carefully screened. They have excellent track record of improving the grades of their tutees. All our tutors are well versed with the education needs of their tutees. They keep themselves updated with the latest MOE syllabus/requirements.
  • We have a pool of skilled and qualified instructors to provide training in non-academic fields like music, arts, sports and personal grooming.
  • Our tutors and instructors are able to conduct 1-1 tuition/training or small group tuition/training. Timings and locations can be arranged that is convenient for both parties as we have enough tutors and instructors to cover all parts of the island.
  • We will evaluate the best rate according to your budget and the quality and length of experience of our educators. We would want the student or tutee, as well as our educators, to have an enjoyable learning and teaching experience and make your time and money worthwhile.
  • We understand the reason why parents or students are looking for a tutor or instructor as we ourselves are also students before and some of us are parents! Parents want to find someone who can understand their children needs and communicate with them. When communication exists, this is the breakthrough for effective learning as the teacher is talking and relating, the student is listening, absorbing and digesting the information! When teaching is effective, you can be assured that your child can improve his/her grades in class. At the same time, he/she can gain confidence and this helps in his/her lifelong learning journey.
  • We have a wide range of tutors to cover Pre-School, Primary, Secondary, Junior College, Integrated Program, Diploma and University.
  • For music related courses, we have instructors to teach from piano, guitar, drums and more (graded or for leisure).
  • For art and craft, sports and others, we have well-trained instructors to guide you and cater to your needs and pace.

Finding a tutor and/or instructor


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Register to be a tutor and/or instructor


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