LevelSubjects/ModulesGender of StudentRatesLocationCodeRemarks
Pri 3English Compo & CompreMale/Female$40/hourTampinesT190061
Pri 2 English, Maths, ScienceFemale$150-200/monthJurong EastT190031Urgent
Pri 3Maths, ScienceMale$200/monthBukit GombakT190030Urgent
Sec 3 expressEnglish,ScienceFemaleNegotiable Jurong WestT190021Urgent,prefer female tutor
Sec 1 IB ACS(I)English and MathsMale$70/hrJurong EastT190001Urgent, prefer male tutor. 1hr twice a week
Sec 2 ExpressEnglish and ScienceFemaleNegotiableJurong WestT180018Urgent
Sec 4 O LevelEnglishFemaleNegotiable SerangoonT180017Urgent-4 months to O level
Sec 2 Normal AcademicScience-ChemistryFemale$40/hourAlexandraT180014Urgent - June holiday assignment.
Prefer day time as student needs to break fast.
Sec 2 Normal AcademicMathematicsMale$40/hourTampinesT180015Very weak in maths.
All levelsAll subjectsBothNegotiableSingaporeT180016Tutors to take up ad hoc or short term assignments, especially near exam period.
Pri 3Maths for kids with dyslexiaFemale
NegotiableSengkangT180011Proof of certificate & experience in teaching
Sec 5 N O levelE MathsFemaleNegotiableWoodlandsT180012
Sec 2 Normal AcademicScience,, EnglishMaleNegotiableTampinesT180013
Poly year 1Micro EconomicsMaleNegotiableHougangT170010Urgent
Sec 2Geography & Social StudiesMaleNegotiableBukit PanjangT170006
Pri 2ChineseMale$18.75/hourTampinesT170005Prefer female tutor. Anydays except Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday morning.
Twice a week, 1 hr per lesson.
Sec 4 N Level Combined PhysicsFemale$40/hourChoa Chu KangT170007
Sec 4 O LevelA Maths, E MathsFemale$50/hourRedhillT170008
Sec 2 ExpressMathematicsMale$40/hrBukit PanjangT170009
Sec 1 ExpressMathematicsMale$35 - $40/hourPasir RisT170001Available on Thursday after 5pm and Saturday.
P3English, Maths, ScienceFemale$25/hourPunggolT170002Prefer female tutor
Sec 4 O levelE Maths, Physics, GeographyMale$40 - $50/hourSengkangT170003
JC 2 ChemistryMaleNegotiableChoa Chu KangT170004
Pri 4 English, Maths & ScienceMale$35/hourHougangT160002
Sec 2 Normal AcademicMathematicsFemale$35/hourPasir RisT160001
Sec 3 ExpressPure ChemistryFemale$40/hourWoodlandsT160003
Sec 1 Normal AcademicMathematics, HistoryFemale$30/hourHougangT160005
Sec 3 Normal AcademicBiologyFemale$30/hourChoa Chu KangT160006
Pri 3EnglishMale$30/hourWest CoastT160007
Sec 4 N levelE Maths, PhysicsMale$45/hourSerangoonT160008
Sec 2 Normal AcademicScience, ChineseFemale$35/hourEunosT160009
Sec 4 O levelGeographyFemale$45/hourChoa Chu KangT160010

Other Courses

LevelSubjects/ModulesGender of StudentRatesLocationCodeRemarks
Grade 1PianoMale$40/hrJurongC160001
Grade 1ViolinMale$40/hrClementiC160002
Grade 1GuitarFemale$25/hrPunggolC160004
LeisureCanvas Art for childrenFemale$20/hrChoa Chu KangC160006
Leisure Drawing and Painting for childrenMale$20/hrSerangoonC160007