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科学为什么? Do You Know Science?

水为什么是火的克星? 水能够灭火,是因为具有两种特性: 一是水碰到炙热 (zhì rè)的物体就会变成水蒸气,带走物体上的热能,降低温度; 二是水遇到热后,产生的水蒸气会占据相当大的空间,包围在燃烧的物体外,隔绝火和空气的接触。一旦没有空气中的氧帮助燃烧,火就会熄灭。 懂了吗? Translate to aid those who do not know Chinese Why is water a nemesis to fire? For fire to start, we have to know that fire requires a certain temperature for oxidation to occur, resulting in proper fire with flames and all. Water aids in putting out the…
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Get Smart, Get FOCUSSED

Learning to stay focussed and attentive is the bottom line for more than just a successful academic run, it’s also an essential life skill for your child. From social media to movies and TV, the number of distractions for the children of this generation can deter them from staying focused on what matters most for…
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