Primary School English Composition sharing session 1

I hope the first session of sharing of English Oral has helped you in a way. Today, I will start by sharing Primary School English Composition that I quote from a source. If you happen to have the source, that will be great! For those parents who do not want to spend so much on tons of books  (I know how costly books are nowadays and there are too many to buy), I hope this sharing session can help you.

Picture series

Write a story of at least 120 words based on the pictures below. Give your story a suitable ending. You may use the words and phrases in the box below to help you.


Model Composition

Karen was at the library. She was there with Angela and Hazel. The girls were there to do their project. Mrs Tan had divided the class into groups and had asked them to work on a poster which they would have to present to the class in a week's time. Karen and her friends had chosen to do a poster on wildlife in Singapore. They were at the library to borrow some books they could use for research.

The library was cool and the peace and quiet of the surroundings put the girls in the mood for some serious research. They started browsing the shelves for any books on wildlife in Singapore. As Karen wandered about, she saw Gerald, one of their classmates, and greeted him cheerfully. Gerald was there to work on his project too.

Just as Karen was talking to Gerald, she spotted a book on the shelf, 'Insects and Plants of Singapore'. "That's something we can use!" she thought to herself as she reached out for the book. Gerald must have spotted the book at the same time. "Ah, just the book for us!" he said. "My group is doing a poster on insects." Both Karen and Gerald grabbed the book at the same time. "I saw it first!" Karen said. But Gerald said that he needed the book more than she did. Each held one end of the book. Neither was willing to let go.

Soon, Karen and Gerald started arguing. "Shh!" the library users around frowned at them. The two children ignored everyone and continued to tug at the book. Suddenly, there was a ripping sound. The book was torn in two! Karen and Gerald stared in horror at what they had just done.

"What's going on here?" a librarian had arrived. Karen and Gerald had no choice but to tell her what they had done. With their heads hung in shame, they realized that they would have to pay for the book. The children looked at each other in regret. Oh, if only they had not fought over the book!

Source: Quoted from Casco.

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