Primary School English Oral sharing session 1

After a one-week March holiday, every student is back to school again. This Second semester is crucial for most students as they have to prepare themselves for their upcoming Mid-Year Examinations in 1.5 months time. I believe most parents are as 'excited' as their children as they are trying to prepare their dear kids for a new term, at the same time worried if their kids are ready for their upcoming class tests and examinations.

Some parents will start searching high and low for assessment and reference books for their children. But, how many can you buy? And are your children able to complete reading or attempting all the books? To assist some parents, I will be providing some sharing sessions and hope these will help you in a way.

Today, I will start by sharing Primary School English Oral that I quote from a source. If you happen to have the source, that will be great! For those parents who do not want to spend so much on tons of books  (I know how costly books are nowadays and there are too many to buy), I hope this sharing session can help you.


Topic 1: At The Library

Part 1 - Reading Aloud

Imagine you are presenting this passage to your class. Read aloud this passage so that your classmates will enjoy listening to you. At home, parents can read to your kids or request your kids to read to the whole family. This can help them to build confidence and improve their speech drastically.

Mrs Tan and Mavis are at the regional library to borrow some books. Mavis loves reading and likes coming to the library. The library offers endless new titles for Mavis to borrow. "Every new book is like a new adventure!" Mavis said to Mrs Tan.

It was crowded at the library. Mrs Tan sat at a table while Mavis roamed the shelves looking at titles and occasionally flipping through the pages of a book.

Mavis took an hour to decide on four books. She brought the books to her mother. Mrs Tan looked through the four books and pronounced them to be excellent choices.

After borrowing the books, mother and daughter headed to the nearby foodcourt for a light snack.


Part 2 - Picture Conversation


Suggested Prompts:

  • Where is this place?
  • What are the two boys on the left doing?
  • What is the man on the right doing?
  • What should he do instead?
  • How do you think the lady in the middle of the picture feels?

Model Answer


This picture shows a scene at the library. There are several library users in the library and a librarian.

Focus 1

At the top left corner of the picture, I can see a boy at a shelf of library books. He has found an interesting book and is secretly tearing a page from the book after making sure that no one is watching him. I think what he is doing is wrong. Library books are for all library users to enjoy. He has just destroyed the book. I hope the librarian catches him.

Focus 2

At the bottom left corner, there are two boys throwing books at each other. They are laughing and having fun. They should not be laughing and playing in the library as the library is supposed to be a peaceful place for everyone to enjoy reading in quiet. They should be playing at a playground instead. They should not be throwing the books. The books are not their toys.

Focus 3

In the middle of the picture, a lady is watching the boys. She looks like the librarian. She looks very angry. I think she is angry at the sight of so many library users misbehaving in the library.

Focus 4

At the top right hand corner, two teenage girls are seated at a table. Instead of reading their books quietly. they are chatting and eating a packet of potato chips. They have just broken two library rules. They should not be talking loudly or eating in the library.

Focus 5

At the bottom right hand corner, a man is sitting at the table. He is on his handphone and is probably disturbing the other library users who want to read quietly. He should leave the library and continue his conversation outside.


The scene in the picture shows library users behaving badly in a library. A library is a place for all and library users should remember to behave according to the rules of the library. In this way, everyone can have a  pleasant time at the library.

Source: Quoted from Casco.


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