Ace in Algebra Workshop 2019

The One month school holiday is here! It will start from 1 June 2019 (Saturday) and ends on 30 June 2019 (Sunday). I know everyone has the mentality that it is time to take a good break after schooling for 5 months and the 'stress' both parents and students had gone through for the Mid-Year Examinations.

For those students who have perform well for their Mid-Year Examinations, have the parents ever thought of why their children manage to do well? If your children are smart, this is an added advantage. Did your children revise and practise consistently? I always believe in constant revision regardless of how smart the kids are. I do not mean that your kids do not deserve a break, but not to the extend of resting and bringing them overseas for One Whole Month and return a day before school starts. Every children needs the momentum to return to studies!

It takes a long time for children to learn, practise and revise for examinations,

but it takes a day or even lesser to forget


Educentral Services has come out with a short Algebra Quiz for all students (from Sec 2 to O level) to test themselves how much do they know about algebra! Sec 1 students can give it a try as you may not know all the formula yet. I have seen enough students who did badly, not because they do not know their work. It is because they do not grasp their algebra concepts well enough that resulted in poor results.

Most students know what is algebra. Most students will know how to work and solve using algebra. But, when they received their test and examination papers, they realised that they did not fair well. Some realised they had made too many ‘CARELESS MISTAKES’ that pull their marks down. Sound familiar to some students?

Through the years, I have been going through students’ examination papers (if they can bring home). When I really go through their papers, what I have realised is for some students, they know their topics. They understood what the questions want. They used the correct formula. The problem lies in solving them or simplifying the equations correctly. These can cause students to lose 1-5 marks, especially if they made mistakes from the start. If this question has many parts, they will snowball their mistakes and the marks they lost can be up to 10 marks! 

It may seem insignificant to lose 1 or 2 marks. But when you accumulate the lost of these marks, they can cause the students to fail the exam instead of scoring an A.

Click the link Algebra Quiz to try out the quiz! It will take just 10 minutes to complete 10 MCQs. If you take more than that, it may mean that you have some doubts in understanding algebra. Answers are provided on the following page. Be HONEST to yourself to try out all questions before checking the answer. AND, be HONEST to yourself whether you solve the questions on your OWN to derive the correct answers or you just GUESS! The total score is 20 marks. If you get full marks, Congratulations and continue to work hard! If you do not score more than 15 marks or fail, it is time to SEEK HELP!

It is better to start NOW than NEVER.

Educentral Services is conducting a 1 Day Algebra Worshop to help students who want to understand and grasp the knowledge of Algebra. It is a Hour Workshop. It may seem easy but this is the area where a lot of students take for granted. When students do not differentiate the algebra rules clearly, these resulted in plenty of careless mistakes, hence pulling the grades down.  This workshop is helpful to those who have been doing badly in mathematics because of all the unnecessary mistakes made during examination.

Sign up NOW and you only pay $40 (normal fee is $80)!
Click Here to register now!


Students who register for the course will receive FREE worksheets and Formula Cards, which will come in handy during your revision or when you are in school!

Grab a slot now as vacancies are limited!

Check the schedule below to see which is your preferred day and time. Students are required to bring their own writing materials and calculator.

Click Here to register now!


Venue: Blk 248 Jurong East Street 24, near to Central, accessible to PIE and ECP.

(There's a market, coffee shop, shop houses and Macdonald within 1 Km)


Wednesday  (1230-230 pm): 12 June, 19 June, 26 June

Friday (2-4 pm): 14 June, 21 June, 28 June

Sunday (930-1130 am, 12-2 pm): 16 June, 23 June, 30 June

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