CNY 2017 Contests and Activities

Chinese New Year is in 5 days time. There will be Long holidays for everyone, especially the students! I believe everyone is waiting for this holiday to come, whether it is to enjoy this festive season, or to have a short break after 4 weeks of schooling.

I am aware that some students are going to take their first test soon, some will have tests after Chinese New Year. Regardless of when it is, it is always important to have good preparations as all these small tests will weigh certain percentage in the final year!

In lieu of Chinese New Year, Educentral Services will be giving out 'Ang Baos' in the form of gift vouchers to students! There will be different activities for young children, primary school, Secondary and tertiary students to participate. Some activities are for students to relax and take a break. Some activities are small test to test how well you know your work! 😊

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