Online Learning and Teaching (adhoc)

Everyone is very excited with the opening up of Phase 2 which will commence on 19 June 2020. Most of us have been staying at home for the past 2 months or so.

With this unexpected Covid-19, circuit Breaker, lock down, most of us have to learn to adapt to new way of working, especially working online and working from home. Educentral Services have also adopted some changes as we have great response from students that they are happy and receptive in learning online! Previously, we feel that face to face teaching will be more effective than talking to gadgets. Those 2 months circuit breaker really force us to learn and adapt to new way of teaching and making them effective.

We know that a lot of students, especially the graduating students, would be affected by this unexpected disruption. To help these students, especially those weaker in maths and principle of accounts, Educentral Services is coming up with adhoc online coaching. You can book the time slot you want and get your doubts cleared in as short as 30 mins! In this way, students do not need to commit to normal tuition timing and they can afford to squeeze out a short 30 mins session to clear their doubts or if they have any enquiries.

To make your 30 mins even more cost effective, we have come out with this idea. Students can email their questions or even together with their solutions the day before. On the email, they will indicate their preferred day and time for their questions to be solved online. They can indicate a few time slots in case certain time slots are fully booked. The rate will be $25 for every 30 mins session. Students can choose to take up a package of 4 sessions of $100 and get a free session. Which means buy 4 get 1 free! For students who are keen, kindly use our contact form to fill in your particulars and enquiries. More details pertaining to mode of payment and online teaching will be furnished upon confirmation of interest.

Subjects for online coaching:

Primary mathematics

Secondary E and A mathematics

Principle of Accounts.

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