Workshops and Activities on September Holidays


EduCentral Services has come out with the schedules for the upcoming September holidays! We know that there are parents out there who are worried for their children. There are students who are also worried, after completion of their preliminary examinations.

EduCentral Services is trying to assist as many students as we can. We know that ALL of You want to do well for your upcoming End-of-Year Examinations, PSLE, N-Level, O-Level, A-Level, etc.

The following are the schedules for the workshops, lectures and activities. If you and your friends are interested, click HERE to sign up! A 20% discount will be given if you and your friends sign up TOGETHER!

Holiday 2017 A Maths Workshop

Holiday 2017 Sec 1 and 2 and Algebra Workshop

Holiday 2017 E Maths Lecture


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