Youth Day Promotion!

Educentral Services would like to wish all the youths and anyone with youth in the heart a Happy Youth Day!

In lieu of Youth Day, we would be giving a 20% discount to students who sign up any group classes or courses via Educentral Services. This promotion will last till 31 July 2017. 

Check out the classes and courses below:

Pre-primary juniors

  1. Music Wonderland for children 1-6 years old - develop the love for music; learning through music to strengthen both the right and left brain from young.
  2. Fun with Ukulele for children 4 years old onwards. Learn to sing and play simple songs for any occasions.


Primary Level

  1. Primary 1 to 3 - building strong foundation on Mathematics.
  2. Primary 4 to 6 - understanding and strengthening the Maths concept; conquering the fear in problem solving questions.


Secondary Level

  1. Workshop on Algebra
  2. Sec 1 and Sec 2 Maths Lecture
  3. E Maths Lecture for N and O Level
  4. A Maths Lecture for N and O Level
  5. POA Lecture for N and O Level
  6. Workshop on A Maths


Hurry! Time waits for nobody! To sign up, click HERE

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