3 Essential Steps to ACING EXAMS

3 Essential Steps to ACING EXAMS

Contrary to what we are often being told, solely studying is not the right way to scoring well for examinations. There are other factors to seriously consider as well, in order to better perform academically. To know how, follow these three advices to ensure that you will be at ease in getting the grades you want.


Simply burying your head in books is not the recommended way of learning. Being interactive also helps significantly in improving your learning. It is encouraged to speak with your teachers to clarify any doubts, get opinions form fellow course mates and seek help in class if you need to. Beyond, what the textbooks can teach, speaking about the subject’s topics and concepts can also broaden perspectives into understanding better. Interactive learning also allows opportunities to apply knowledge and solving problems in various contexts, and helps to develop critical thinking skills for the future. If you know you have done more than enough during the class lessons, you should not need to worry too much about that upcoming exam!


Believing in yourself and your capabilities is already half the battle won in facing exams. Setting a positive mindset, coupled with the information and knowledge you have gathered and revised on prior, should help you through the stressful task of achieving good grades. If you head into every examination with low self-esteem thinking that you are not going to do well, this could result in overthinking unnecessary negative thoughts and can result in you producing wrong answers. When an examination is drawing near, keep your spirits up by feeling more assured when you get the right answers during revision. This way, you will be better equipped to tackle on the examinations head on.

NUMBER 3 Take RESPONSIBILITY in your preparation

Of course, your rewards reaped will be based on what you sow too. Attaining high grades cannot be achieved just based on sheer luck, and you would need to input sufficient practice and learning on your part first. Set personal goals of what you would like to attain for the exam, come up with a study schedule, and make sure to put in enough hours for revision in the week. Also ensure that you know the right format and structure of your questions papers before you take the exams, so you would have a rough idea of the template your answers should be in. Additionally, take responsibility of maintaining your health by drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep so as to keep your mind fresh. Once you are all set to conquer the examinations with the right tips, there is nothing that can stop you from getting your desired grades!

Quoted from an Educational magazine

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