After examinations reflection

Finally, Exams are over! How did majority of the students fair? If you have done well, showed improvement or achieved the grades that you aimed for, great job!! Keep up the good work!!!

What about students who fair badly? Or did not achieve the grades you wanted? Disappointed? Disheartened? Definitely! Unless you have not been putting in effort! Definitely, you'll be emotional. But, don't give up!!!

Firstly, have you seriously thought about where went wrong besides saying that the papers were tough, challenging, not enough time, etc...?

The booster for your weak subjects is definitely a good grade or a jump in grade. Who doesn't want? But, did you really really put in effort to achieve it?

I've heard students saying that they had put in effort; they had studied; they had practised but still didn't do well... My question back to these students is.... Did you really put in a lot of effort???? 1 week practice a few Maths questions, didn't bother to memorise formula by hard and you expect to jump from fail or just pass to A??? Make alot of careless mistakes & couldn't identify your mistakes; not firm with your foundation where you think you know your stuffs really well, then you expect to get A??? Time to sit down and do some self reflection.

I know a lot of students have tuitions. If they do well, then good for the tutors! If the students didn't perform, is it the tutors fault? Or some parents just change tutors? I've known students who have multiple tutors and keep changing tutors! 1 subject can change 3-4 tutors within a year!

Sometimes, parents need to communicate with your children what are their needs and wants. Some parents pack their kids till they don't even have time to rest! They find that children shouldn't waste any single time they have. But, poor kids, when they don't have enough rest and sleep, how do you expect them to stay awake and alert and absorb and understand?

I've been reading articles on some good tutors. I do agree that it is not easy to be a good and well known tutor! A lot of effort, hardwork, sweat and emotions are involved. It takes both hands to clap, between the tutor and the tutee. The students themselves need to follow instructions, do their homework regularly as told. They do have students who do well. They also have students who do not fair well. 'A' will not just drop from the sky. I always believe effort pays off!!!

I believe all tutors put in their heart and soul to teach the students. All tutors, even school Teachers, want their students to do well. We do our best to teach, or rather Educate the students. Tutors also undergo a lot of stress and emotional ups & downs.

For Tutors and Teachers, you have definitely done your best and you will continue to bring the best in your students!

For students, persevere and try harder! You can do it! Never give up if you have not done your best n reach the end point!

For parents, trust the tutor, teacher and your children. Not everyone is born smart. Train and educate your children to build knowledge for the future, not just for the present result.

Everyone, go go go! There's still final year exams and more tests and exams to go and clear!!!

Everyday is a test to us as we do not know what to expect later or tomorrow!

My reflections being an educator for almost 2 decades and a Mother of 2 young kids and my experience being a student...


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