All primary schools to offer hands-on learning by 2023

Programmes which help young children learn through hands-on experience will be expanded to all primary schools by 2023.

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP), already available in more than 80 primary schools and all 155 secondary schools, will play a key role in encouraging students to explore ideas, try out new skills such as basic coding and be creative, Education Minister (Schools) Ng Chee Meng said in Parliament.

Emphasising the importance of cultivating the joy of learning in students, Mr Ng rubbished the idea that hands-on learning is just a "separate track for vocational students". Instead, it is an effective way of understanding concepts taught in the classroom, he added.

If you have missed out this article and want to find out more on how hands-on learning will benefit our future children, click the link below.

Source: Quoted from The Straits Times 6 March 2018, Tuesday

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