Develop Your Children’s Ability to Focus and Concentrate

School is where formal learning starts. Children spend most of their time at school with long hours in class, which can result in them losing concentration at some point. As parents, you can train your children to be engaged and attentive from young. This will help ease them into the daily routine of formal education and enable them to stay focused throughout the day. Here are 3 easy steps for reference:

Reinforce what was taught in school

Schools nowadays apply the ‘active learning’ teaching method that teaches kids simple movements with a chanted verse to aid them in memorising a fixed set of words. For example, the daunting multiplications table sang as a song will help children remember the sequence of the numbers more effectively. This practice should not only be done in school, but also at home. In turn, this helps to train your children’s attentiveness and they will be able to retain information more easily.

Keep your children occupied

Most kids have short attention spans which result in parents handling them mobiles or tablets to keep them engaged. However, there are actually more desirable ways that can keep your children occupied in the day. Instead of letting your children watch television or play mobile games while you are preparing dinner or doing the laundry, pass them a maze or drawing book – this helps to take their mind off media consumption. Commuting is also a good instance where kids can be given minimal-supervision tasks such as filling a colouring book while waiting for the bus.

Set a fixed schedule for the day

Keep your children active by participating in outdoor activities like swimming or simply going for a walk at the park, before starting them on their school work. You can communicate to your children that since they have had their fun, it’s time to settle down and concentrate. This routine is most productive when utilised every day, so that your children know what is expected of them and can focus on what they should be doing.

Getting your children to follow these steps may take much time and effort, but will surely pay off in their learning journey in the long term.


Source: With reference to an educational magazine.


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