Happy Mothers’ Day- Voices of Mothers’

Mothers’ Day is this Sunday! Can you recall when was the last time you gave your mummy a hug? When did you say a ‘Thank you’ to her?

Have you thought of how to THANK your mummy? As a mother, I personally feel that Everyday is mother’s day. We can’t shirk the responsibility as a mum on any day right? If everyday can be pleasant and happy, isn’t this better than just one Mothers’ Day?


I understand and feel that a lot of mothers have done a lot for their children and the family. Some may have a better life with 5 maids (who knows right?), rich husband and can be a ‘tai tai’ at home. Some may have some helps at home and their spouses are also helping out in chores and taking care of the kids. Some may have to handle most of the things by themselves with minimum help and their spouses will only help out if their mood is good.

Being a Mother is definitely not easy, from conceiving to delivering to looking after them for the rest of our lives... I understand some mothers have hidden their frustrations, angers, sorrows that you have no one to tell or no where to vent. Since Mothers’ Day is coming, Educentral Services is creating this column for All mothers to share your happiness and your hard work and your sorrows. If you have any tips or advices, you may share too!


Children, who are grateful to their mothers and would like to share are welcome too!

To those who do not mind to be known, you are welcome to share in the comment. For those who want to remain anonymous, you can Click Here to use our form.Your identity will remain anonymous. For heading, you can indicate ‘Voices of Mothers’. If you want to read your post or want your friends who would like to share their thoughts, LIKE our page and share with your friends!

Note: There is no comment, remark and opinion on every post! It’s just a platform to let the world or your spouses and children know what the role of a Mother is...

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