Impact of our New Generation due to merging of JCs

What are your opinions of government merging the JCs where the reason is due to falling birth rate and this is last year cut-off points chart for students to apply and enter JCs?

In my opinion, the students in this New generation are undergoing a lot of stress, needless to say the parents. So before considering having more children, think of what you and your children have to go through and where your children are going to pursue their studies?

I do not feel that the current students are not as smart as their peers or even our generation. But, why they could not enter JC even though they scored 14-16 points? Why they could not enter the course in poly of their choice? Lower Cut-off points? Very steep competition? Does it mean that a lot of students are going to end up in ITEs? If so, in future, ITEs standards are going to increase and we have no reason to 'look down' on ITE students. Then, what about those students who really can't do well academically? They can't even enter ITE? Then where would they be??

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