June Holiday Tips!

There are ups and downs in life, as well as results. Whether you have performed well or not, the results from your mid-year exams are history. If you had done well, continue to work hard as you have more topics to cover in year-end exams. You may be surprised that some of your friends may surpass you at year end!!! Why? It is the same as the tortoise and bunny race story.

For those whose results have not met your expectation, it is never too late to start. No effort, no pain, no gain. Some students need constant practises to remember and get exposed to different types of questions. Some students need to drill on the memory part to get formulas and concepts registered in their brains. Some students need to build on their foundation so that they are able to identify any mistakes if any and to reduce careless mistakes to almost 0%!!!

In order to improve, you have to take ACTION!!! It is easier to say than to get things done! If you know you need help, seek help now. Check out Educentral website to find out any bootcamps, lectures or workshops that suit you. You can ask your friends to form into a group to join the activities. Some students perform better through peer learning and sharing.

Or if you need to enquire on some advices on what courses suit you or you have any special need for certain subjects or topics, email to us or you can write down your request using our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP!

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