Last Dash for O Level A Maths & POA

After completion of O level A Maths Paper 1, how do you feel? Great? Can do even better in Paper 2? Still ok? Must do well in Paper 2? Cannot make it? Hope that Paper 2 will be easier?

Dear all O level students taking A Maths, you still have 3 more precious days to help you do the best that you can for your Paper 2! For those who need extra help, Educentral Services will be conducting ad hoc revision sessions to clarify your problems and doubts. As this is to help students who desperately need it, it will be a 3-hour session @ $50 to be held in either of the 2 locations Jurong East or Punggol. Timing to be arranged. To find out more, call, SMS or whatapps 90015593 or email us via contact form to book your slots!

For students taking Principles of Accounts, you still have 4 precious days to sum up your concepts as both papers will be cleared in 1 day. Therefore, you do not have a 2nd chance! To seek help desperately, contact us for a 3-hour session at only $50! Book your slots now!

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