Less than a month to your examination?

Feeling stress that you do not have enough time to revise for your mid year exams? School teachers begin to rush through new topics that will come out for mid year?

This is the common cycle that all students will experience  at all levels! Teachers will take their own sweet time at the beginning of the year, thinking they have ample time for a lot of things! When they realise that exams are near and the students still have a few topics to cover, their mind set is to finish whatever they need to. When the students do not fair well in their mid year exams, then they will conduct remedial or extra lessons during the school holidays!

My advice to all students is to plan and start early! You know your timetable and daily schedule better than anyone else! Draft down a daily timetable. From there, you will see how much time and what are the timing you have left to revise your work. List down the topics and subjects that you want to cover within the time frame and MUST finish within the stipulated time!

When you really need last minute help, please do! It is still early to look for help now than to wait 2 months before final year exams!!

Hope all students have a better time management to accomplish what they can for this upcoming exams!!!

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