Life Begins on 2nd Semester of 2016

Finally, the start of 2nd Semester of 2016!

Students and parents may have the feeling that the school has just begun and there are plenty of time to Final Year Examinations. The sad truth is, students only have 2 MONTHS to their Final year examinations! This is because all schools have to clear their exams and end the year's work by beginning October, before the commencement of O Level Examinations.

I also believe that some students start to feel that the school Teachers are rushing abit in finishing that topic! Am I right? Parents, you can always consult your kids about their school progress.

My advice is, it is never too late to start. Rather be late than sorry. But, if you can start early, why not? If you need some help on your weaker subjects or topics, check out our website for ongoing workshops and revision classes! Ask your friends to join you if you want to be motivated or you find that they do need help. Great discounts will be given to students who are able to form a minimum of 3 persons in a group!

Don't Wait, Take Action NOW!!!

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