Pointers for O level Elementary Mathematics

Tips for students to prepare your maths paper in 2 days time. Whether you have been doing revision consistently or whether you’re doing a last minute rush, below are some topics which you must know and hope you have covered.

If you have covered all the topics below with diligence and be careful in your work, these can at least help you to pass both papers!

For students who just want to pass the papers, you need not complete all the questions! After all, it is the marks that you attain that count, not the number of questions you have attempted!

Do the questions that you know best and keep each question to 5-7 minutes for Paper 1 and 10-15 minutes for Paper 2. Do carefully to prevent any slight mistake. You have to secure the marks for question that you know and not wasting it with unnecessary careless mistakes!

Remember, NEVER make mistakes from the start of the Working!!!


Pointers for O Level Elementary Mathematics
• Trigonometry and Pythagoras’ Theorem
• Angles and polygons and Properties of Circles
• Coordinate Geometry and Functions of Graphs
• Area and Volume of figures
• Vectors
• Matrices
• Constructions
Algebra and Indices!!!

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